Ready washroom styling project in the Khrushchev

The most basic rooms in the morning, get the restroom, because that is where many of us finally wake up, it is significant that it gave you a small space from the start of the day energized and positive, and the “Cottage of Soviets” will help you with this. And also tell as to reach the desired result and make a truly beautiful styling project Consultation restroom with restroom. For the design of the rooms itself, we chose the Egyptian style, which will give the interior elegancy and exceptional warmth of this country and renovation the washroom you will find something interesting and useful. Toilet interior styling should be simple and concise, however this will help to make comfort in a little rooms, which are often found in the homes of our country. Egyptian style that will be present in the interior, you can create with typical wash tiles on the walls. “The Cottage of the Soviets” is recommended to cover the walls with ceramic wash tiles ocher-orange hue, we give the necessary lightness and color of the interior, and added about tiles with a pattern, for example, such as in the final styling – the project, we get a rather interesting design. This floor tile with the cats, made in Egyptian style will complement the inside and append playfulness bare walls. For convenient for morning procedures, sink want be enclosed in a bathing set, made of timbered texture slightly dusky hue. A large mirror will help to look around yourself in the reflection, and the lighting will not be competent to show imperfections in the morning, but rather reflected, blikuya from the walls, will leave your face soft and warm hue that will no doubt please and give a good mood all morning. The ideal option would be if the mirror is framed by LED panels that softly will shine in front of him man. Also, this version is suitable especially for women that similar to “direct beauty” in the bathroom, with the lighting it will not alone convenient, but also more competent in terms of makeup. Since our bathroom includes WC, we will try to create this more secretive and convenient to the zoning outline of the rooms. To bath could be separated from the toilet, make a little panel betwixt them, and for the discovery of these two zones, choose a Japanese screen, such how a closet. “The House of the Soviets” believes that this variation would not take much space for the doors and close the zone you from prying eyes, aces wood door may contain the like pattern with the Egyptian cats that there is on the walls. As you know the sizing of our project design are small, but because the task set before us, has get an interesting and inviting, it is not alone to make a single style of the interior, but to combining in significant areas of the room. In addition to the ordinary sink, lavatory and bath, we will do a few accents with Egyptian cats that are perfect to ocher-orangeness walls and dark wall tiles on the floor. An interesting solution of inside styling and also the presence of opening doors to encapsulate a particular zone.

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